Are you a first-time vintner? Do not fret, we will guide you along the process!

Getting your Wine Started:
It takes approximately 10 minutes to begin the wine-making process. Choose your variety of wine, add the yeast, and return in as little as 4 weeks to bottle your 29-30 bottles of wine!

Leave it to Us!
In the meantime, we will ensure that your wine reaches the appropriate level of fermentation. We look after it by stabilizing and clearing the wine with various fining agents, and ultimately filter it with a state-of-the art filtering machine, to guarantee a clear, sediment-free wine with a sparkling polish. We will contact you when your wine is ready for bottling.

Come back to Bottle!
Your appointment will last approximately 20 minutes! We will show you how to sanitize, fill and cork your bottles. Bring your own bottles, or purchase them from us at $1/bottle. As a first-time customer, your bottles are half-price! We fully stand behind our product, and welcome you to taste a sample of your wine to confirm its quality.

Cellaring Tips:
When you take your batch of wine home, keep the bottles upright for about 3-5 days. This allows the cork to breathe, allowing any residual oxygen to escape. Then, store the bottles on their sides in a dark, cool place. The corks will remain moist, creating a seal that blocks oxygen coming in to the bottle, which could potentially spoil the wine. 12-15 degrees C is a great temperature to store your wine.

The suggested time to age your wine is anywhere from 1-4 months for whites, and 2-9 months for reds. Ask for our Cellaring Tips handout to determine the perfect aging time for the wine that you have chosen!